Accelerator and Particle Physics Education at A-Level - APPEAL 2

University of Oxford

University of Oxford


APPEAL - Accelerator and Particle Physics Education at A-Level

The University of Oxford is organising in collaboration with CERN a one-day school to give A-level teachers an opportunity to learn about the physics underlying the LHC. This school will give basic information about particle accelerators and particle physics to Physics teachers who are not necessarily Physics specialists. Preference will be given to teachers coming from schools which usually send very few pupils to University. The school will address questions such as “How does a particle accelerator work?” “What are the questions the LHC will answer?” “How does an experiment at the LHC work?” “What are the applications of particle accelerators in our daily lives?” and “What is the origin of the Universe and of matter?”
    • 1
      Arrival and coffee/tea
    • 2
      Welcome and Introduction
      Speaker: Andrei Seryi
    • 3
      Introduction to particle physics
      Speaker: Alan Barr
    • 11:10 AM
    • 4
      Astrophysics talk exploring dark matter and dark energy
      Speaker: Renee Hlozek
    • 5
      Funding at the University of Oxford and beyond and careers in physics
      Speaker: Cat Murdoch
    • 12:55 PM
      Walk to Jesus College
    • 6
      Lunch and Visit at Jesus College
    • 2:10 PM
      Walk back to Physics Department
    • 7
      Lab tour and presentation of scientific equipment related to particle accelerators and detectors
      Speaker: Suzie Sheehy
    • 8
      Small group activity: Building a cloud chamber in your A-level physics class
      A video of how to build a cloud chamber can be found on Youtube
      Speaker: Suzie Sheehy
    • 4:00 PM
    • 9
      The LHC and applications of particle accelerators to particle physics
      Speaker: Emmanuel Tsesmelis
    • 10
      Applications of particle accelerators outside particle physic
      Speaker: Ken Peach
    • 5:55 PM