Rucio Meeting

Dimitrios Christidis (CERN)
Rucio Development Meeting
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Martin Barisits
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Mario Lassnig, Cedric Serfon, Dimitrios Christidis
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      • Rucio 34.1.0 next week
      • Next week: Rucio 35 roadmap planning
        • Component leads: please consider identifying priority items
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      Community News & DevOps roundtable
      • ATLAS
        • Started to make use of tokens again, but only for SCRATCHDISKs
      • CMS
        • Attempt to use of Prometheus monitoring for the servers
          • Encountered crashes; possibly due to Prometheus port already being in use
          • Known issue with some Rucio modules that can’t be imported, when that’s the case
        • Account usage counters: possible double counting? 
          • The accounting is done by rules. As such, multiple rules by the same user on the same DIDs on the same RSE can lead (somewhat by design) to double counting.
      • Jefferson Lab
        • Rucio 32 instance up and running
        • Attempting to test tokens with CILogon
          • Please contact Dimitrios in the #Tokens Mattermost channel
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      Developers roundtable
      • Documentation corner
        • Documentation and dev guidelines for Mypy type annotations #116 [Mayank, Martin]
        • Document environmental variables affecting the client #171 [Dimitrios]
        • Improve documentation on rucio.cfg vs configuration table #183 [Maggie]
        • Add an FAQ-style entry aimed at users for STUCK rules #184 [Fabio]
        • Add instruction about DB partitioning #185 [Martin]
        • bridge the gap between running rucio in demo env and full production deployment #187 [Radu]
        • Introduce documentation on subscriptions #190 [Cedric]
        • Add Rucio QoS RSE description and instructions #268 [Matt]
          • Under Review - Comments posted, needs iteration
        • Document how to set up command line argument completion #275 [Bouwe]
        • Formatting / style guide #287 [???]
        • Document how deletion occurs. #288 [Anil]
        • Instructions for tape collocation plugins #289 [Maggie]
          • PR #291 ready and waiting for review
        • Documentation for RSE settings #293 [???]
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