Beyond boundaries: A dialogue on science and faith

Cathedral Gate (Liverpool Cathedral)

Cathedral Gate

Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral, Cathedral Gate, St James Rd, Liverpool L1 7AZ, United Kingdom

Accelerator physicists, particle physicists and theologians will discuss the common ground between science, philosophy, and religion at a panel event to be held at Liverpool Cathedral. This event is open to all people and is not restricted to any particular faith.


Panel members will include:

  • Revd Canon Dr Mike Kirby (University of Liverpool/Liverpool Cathedral)
  • Fr. Andrew Pinsent (University of Oxford)
  • Prof John Ellis (CERN, KCL)
  • Prof Elaine Howard Ecklund (Rice University)
  • Prof Andy Beavis (Vertual Ltd.)
  • Dr Alex Bainbridge (STFC/ASTeC)
  • Dr Kate Shaw (University of Sussex)


The discussion will be moderated by distinguished scientist and STFC council member, Prof Carsten P. Welsch (University of Liverpool/Cockcroft Institute/INFN).


The agenda of this meeting is empty