A simple model for pentaquark

Lorenzo Capriotti (Universita e INFN, Ferrara (IT)), Mengzhen Wang (Università degli Studi e INFN Milano (IT))

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A simple model for pentaquark
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Mengzhen Wang
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      A simple model for pentaquark 40m

      In this presentation, I will introduce a model to describe pentaquarks as 'baryo-charmonia' with a color octet $c\bar{c}$ core bonded to a color octet three-quark system. I will discuss how, by utilizing Fermi statistics, we are able to obtain two different 'families' of pentaquarks and to give an explanation for the two production methods that seem to emerge from experimental analyses. I will briefly review the exchange interaction and then apply it to the case of the interacting three-quark system. This enables us to obtain two triplets of pentaquarks: a lower one, well-supported by experiment, and a higher one with strangeness. Furthermore, I will discuss the spin assignment that can be inferred from the use of exchange interaction. Finally, I will present some suggested channels to search for validating the proposed model.

      Speaker: Davide Germani (Università La Sapienza di Roma)