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32/1-A24 (CERN)



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Bertrand Bellenot (CERN)
ROOT Team Meeting
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Axel Naumann
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Lorenzo Moneta, Danilo Piparo, Vincenzo Eduardo Padulano, Bertrand Bellenot, Jakob Blomer, Enrico Guiraud
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ROOT Team Meeting 15th April 
Shift handover: 
- all is green, problem with mac mitiigated 
- almost everything assigned 
Meeting summaries: 
- RooFit workshop - very successful - a summary at a meeting soon 
- PPP - Jonas' presentation on histograms - a follow up discussion is requested (a few people were missing, an important topic to be discussed)
- I/O meeting - CHEP abstracts discussion - maybe a discussion in the ROOT meeting next week? 
XGBOOST and RBDT issue initiated by the PR#15173 from Jonas 
- Motivation: fix RBDT issue in the tutorials - silently giving wrong results 
- Discovered on the side RBDT XGBOOST test in python fails (it was not working for a while)
- possibility of using XGBOOST through ROOT exists since 2019 -> it worked for a while but at some point we stopped testing it on the nodes --> we have a fix now but the fix involves an issue of XGBOOST and cppyy interfering due to c++ symbols 
- Vim found a fix but the fix is in the XGBOOST (if this works is great)
- the fix is big but it is self-contained - patch, merge and backport? - yes but let's be careful that is really works well - but alma9 will be red 
- point to think about (esp. regarding 6.32) from Danilo: We need to decide what to do with the inclusion of GPL packages in our future binaries. 
- LGPL 2 (what we use) vs LGPL 3 (that could solve some of our issues)
- for sure we need to communicate better what we are distributing (in README)
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    • 4:00 PM 4:01 PM
      Find notetaker 1m
    • 4:01 PM 4:05 PM
      News 4m
    • 4:05 PM 4:10 PM
      Shift handover 5m
    • 4:10 PM 4:20 PM
      Meeting Summaries and Plans 10m
      • I/O
      • TMVA
      • RooFit
      • PPP
      • Planning / Godparents /...
      • LIM
    • 5:00 PM 5:25 PM
      Round Table 25m
    • 5:25 PM 5:30 PM
      A.O.B. 5m