Science show training: Mysteries of Matter

81/R-003B - Science Gateway Auditorium B (CERN)

81/R-003B - Science Gateway Auditorium B


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Are you excited about science? Are you not afraid to stand on a stage in front a big crowd? Do you want to do some really cool experiments? Then become a science show presenter!

What is a science show?

CERN's science shows are interactive demonstrations in front of an audience of up to 200 participants. Tutors will work individually or in pairs of two to present various topics related to CERN - and beyond. The science shows are guided by scripts - but no worries, no need to learn them word-by-word.

What is "Mysteries of Matter" about?

Come and marvel at simple and entertaining experiments, often bordering on the magical, which demonstrate different states of matter and magnetism in a fun way. Break a rubber tube with a hammer? Levitate a magnet? It's not magic, it's science! This science show Mysteries of Matter explores the world of matter and different states of matter, including plasma and superconductors.

Science show Mysteries of Matter is accessible as of 6 years old  and lasts about 45 minutes.


How will the training look like?

The training will be in English (the shows will also be done in other languages) and will last up to 2 hours. First, you will shadow a science show performed by one of our seasoned performers, and then we will go together through the experiments.

Additional training requirements:
You don't need to have any other courses already done before joining the training. However, before performing this science show as a primary presenter, you will also be required to pass the following courses:

The number of participants per training is limited to 15. Therefore, should you not be able to join, please cancel your participation or inform us as soon as possible.

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