Oct 25 – 29, 2024
Europe/Athens timezone

DRAFT: Agenda


All the sessions of the event will be recorded and the recordings will be available through the Indico and HITRIplus web page and youtube channel. Additionally, pictures will be taken each day of the event. Therefore, people that do not wish to appear in the recording or the photos are invited to contact the organisers; online participants may wish to switch off their cameras.

The agenda includes the following scientific sessions and topics (it can also be found in a PDF format HERE-ToUpdate)

The agenda, presentations and recordings will be available in indico from HERE-ToUpdatehttps://indico.cern.ch/event/1280303/ 

Friday 18 October 2024 


Session 1 - Introduction Hadron Therapy

Session 2 - Technology Advances and Future Developments 

Session 3 - Upcoming Upgrades and Future Facilities

Session 4 - Knowledge Transfer, Socio-Economic Considerations

  • US
  • Europe

Session 5 – Capacity Building

Session 6 - Concluding Remarks: Current Experiences and Future Directions

SPECIFIC  SESSIONS: Hadron Therapy Indications 

Saturday 19 October 2024 


Session 8 - Central Nervous System

Session 9 - Paediatrics 

SPECIFIC  SESSIONS: Treatment Planning  

Monday 21st October 

Session 10 – Treatment Planning

9:00 – 9:45 – Introduction to Treatment Planning – Joao Seco (DKFZ)

10:00–10:45 – Treatment Planning with MatRad I – Joao Seco, Niklas Wahl (DKFZ)

10:45–17:00 – Treatment Planning with MatRad II – Joao Seco, Niklas Wahl (DKFZ)

17:00-18:00 - Treatment Planning: requirements on accelerating and beam delivery systems