DD4hep Developers Meeting



Andre Sailer (CERN), Markus Frank (CERN)

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DD4hep Developers Meeting
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Andre Sailer
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Present:  M.Frank, T.Madlehner, A.Sailer

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1) Pending problems

1) ISSUE970:  Support for digitization in ddsim
                       ==> On hold, but should be closed.
2)  ISSUE1199: Persist hepmc vertex status code into output
                      ==> Should we eliminate Geant4EventReaderHepMC
                      ==> Decision: Geant4EventReaderHepMC will be removed

2)    Closed issues and fixed problems

1) ISSUE1271: Non reproducible order of daughter volumes in Geant4 geometry
     PR1277:      GeoHandler: store shapes in deterministic order
              ===>   Solved by Andre

3) Round table

Andre:     New tag v1r29 now in LCG nightlies. Will go to LCG 106 once ROOT v6r32p02 is released ie. this week.
Markus:  Maybe it is time to deal with really old issues.
Thomas: Need to think about edm4hep readers for generator output.

4) AOB


Next meeting:   June 27th, 2024

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    • 3:30 PM 3:50 PM
      Around the table 20m