The location of the workshop is Bogazici University, South Campus (Güney Kampüs) in the heart of Istanbul, close to the European end of the 2nd bridge, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. When coming with a taxi, you can ask the driver to take the Etiler exit then follow signs towards Etiler. Once in Etiler, most drivers know the way to the university. The postal address is:

Bogazici University
Guney Kampusu (South Campus)
Bebek, 34342, Istanbul

The main gate, towards Etiler/Rumelihisari, is shown by letter "A" in the following map:

here is also another entrance from the shores of Bosporus, from the Bebek side. There is a busstop right in front of it:

Either way, when you come to the gates, tell the guards at the gate that you are here for the workshop. If they ask for more information, you can ask them to call the following numbers (Erkcan): 7596 daytime, 7202 nighttime.

To travel from the airport, if you take the taxi, it would cost about 50-60 liras. To compute the taxi fares before you board the taxis, you can use the following webpage: (From Ataturk International Airport, this website would report ~61TL (about 25 euros, or 30 usd). You can alternatively try to come to the city center by one of the Havas buses and then take the cab from there.

The exact location of the Demir Demirgil Hall is inside the old part of the campus - it is an old theatre. The location is shown here with a small theatre icon:

If you need any assistance, and you cannot have the above campus-internal numbers called, you can ask anyone to ring Erkcan's cell phone number: +90-533-(2 to the 8)-(smallest non-unity pentagonal and central pentagonal number)-(5 squared). [We put it this way minimize spam.] In the next couple of days if he sees any calls from numbers that he does not recognize, he will reject the call, but he will call the number back right after.