5-9 December 2011
Sariska Palace, Rajasthan, India
Indian/Christmas timezone

Program for the Workshop


The workshop is based on Lectures, Tutorials and Personal and group work.


Lectures are given in the morning. They consist of 1h lecture = 50ʼ + 10 mins questions/

discussions. A total of 20 lectures will be given:

4 Lectures on “QCD basics for accurate LHC Physics” by Fabio Maltoni

6 Lectures on “Jet physics: from algorithms to Jetography” by Matteo Cacciari

5 Lectures on “Towards Automatic NLO computations: MadLoop and MadFKS” by Rikkert Frederix

5 Lectures on “Interfacing NLO computations with parton showers” by Paolo Torrielli


Tutorials are given in the early afternoons in modules of two hours. One of the lecturers

will guide students through the use of tools and their understanding. Problems and

exercises will be given.

Personal and group work:-

In these two-hour sessions students working alone or preferably in small group address

the questions and problems given during the tutorials. Discussions are welcome. Lectures

and advanced PhD students assist and lead discussions and answer to specific questions.

Day Schedule

Mornings :

9:00 2 lectures

11:00 break

11:30 2 lectures

13:30 lunch


15:00 -> 17:00 tutorials

17:00 -> 17:30 break

17:30 -> 19:30 personal work on assignments and discussions