5-9 December 2011
Sariska Palace, Rajasthan, India
Indian/Christmas timezone

Updated software for Tutorials

Software Required  for Tutorials in the Workshop

Prepared by Matteo Cacciari,  Fabio Maltoni, Rikkert Frederix and Paolo Torrielli
(Alternative website: http://www.lpthe.jussieu.fr/~cacciari/public/india2011.html ) 

Plan A

The software for the Workshop tutorials will be provided pre-installed in the form of a virtual machine based on Scientific Linux 5.6.

In order to install it, follow the following instructions.

  • Install VirtualBox from www.virtualbox.org
  • Download our virtual machine SL56.ova (NB. ~1 GB file) and run it inside your VirtualBox

Plan B

Should unexpected problems arise with the virtual machine preparation, you will need to install yourself the packages needed for the tutorials on your computer (this is, in any case, a useful exercise).


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