Mar 26 – 30, 2012
University of Bonn
Europe/Berlin timezone

Measurement of Dijet Production in Diffractive Deep-Inelastic Scattering with a Leading Proton at HERA

Mar 27, 2012, 10:00 AM
Lecture Hall, Institute for Applied Physics (University of Bonn)

Lecture Hall, Institute for Applied Physics

University of Bonn

Diffraction and vector mesons Diffraction and vector mesons


Richard Polifka (University of Toronto (CA))


The cross section of diffractive deep-inelastic scattering ep \rightarrow eXp is measured, where the system X contains at least two jets and the leading final state proton is detected in the H1 Forward Proton Spectrometer. The measurement is performed for fractional proton longitudinal momentum loss xIP < 0.1 and covers the range 0.1 < |t| < 0.7 GeV2 in squared four-momentum transfer at the proton vertex and 4 < Q2 < 110 GeV2 in photon virtuality. The differential cross sections extrapolated to |t| < 1 GeV2 are in agreement with next-toleading order QCD predictions based on diffractive parton distribution functions extracted from measurements of inclusive and dijet cross sections in diffractive deep-inelastic scattering. The data are also compared with leading order Monte Carlo models.

Primary author

Richard Polifka (University of Toronto (CA))

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