26-30 March 2012
University of Bonn
Europe/Berlin timezone

Single and Double Spin Asymmetry Measurements in Semi-Inclusive and Inclusive DIS on Polarized He-3

28 Mar 2012, 11:30
Lecture Hall, Institute for Physical Chemistry (University of Bonn)

Lecture Hall, Institute for Physical Chemistry

University of Bonn

Spin physics Spin physics


Vincent Sulkosky (MIT)


Jefferson Lab experiment E06-010 measured the target-single spin (SSA) and double spin asymmetries (DSA) in semi-inclusive deep inelastic pion electroproduction on a transversely polarized He-3 target. The measured asymmetry (A_UT) is sensitive to the nucleon transversity and Sivers distribution functions, whereas the measured A_LT asymmetry is related to the transverse momentum dependent PDF g_1T. The kinematics were chosen to be in the valence quark region with x ~ 0.16-0.35 and Q^2 ~ 1.4-2.7 GeV^2. The Collins moment, which is sensitive to transversity, the Sivers and A_LT moments, which are sensitive to the orbital motion of the quarks, were extracted using the azimuthal angular dependence of the measured asymmetries. These data, when combined with the data from other experiments on transversely polarized proton and deuteron targets, will help in extracting the nucleon transverse momentum dependent distribution functions via a global analysis. These semi-inclusive results will be presented and discussed along with the preliminary results for the inclusive single spin asymmetries.

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