Mar 26 – 30, 2012
University of Bonn
Europe/Berlin timezone

Results from NA48 and NA62

Mar 27, 2012, 5:42 PM
Lecture Hall 1, Physics Institute (University of Bonn)

Lecture Hall 1, Physics Institute

University of Bonn

Electroweak and searches Electroweak and searches


Mauro Piccini (Universita e INFN (IT))


Merged abstract: "High precision measurement of the form factors of the semileptonic decays K+- -> pi0 l+- nu (Kl3)" "Rare kaon decay measurements with NA62 minimum bias data." "First Measurement of the very rare Decay K+ -> pi+ pi0 e+ e-" "Lepton Universality Tests in Kaon Decays at NA62"

Primary author

Mauro Piccini (Universita e INFN (IT))

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