November 18, 2011
Europe/Zurich timezone
There is a live webcast for this event.

Speaker Bios and presentation abstract

David Bearfield
Director of the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO)
David began his EU career in the selection and recruitment department. Over the course of the past 16 years, he has held a variety of posts in the fields of HR, communication and change management, including working in the Private Office of its Vice-Presidents Neil Kinnock and Siim Kallas, and being Head of Internal Communication. In total, David has 20 years of experience in the public sector.
Since 2007, David has been Director of the European Personnel Selection Office and has, amongst other achievements, successfully secured a mandate for a far-reaching overhaul of selection procedures for civil servant entry to the EU Institutions to bring them in line with global best practice.
Marcus Body
He says "I've somehow meandered from an Engineering degree into specialising in communications, but actually this isn't as silly as it might sound." Engineers like identifying issues, and solving them in the best way by considering all the options, and this isn't a bad approach to take in the often jargon-riddled and nebulous world of HR and internal communications.
Robert Cailliau
In 1990 Cailliau and Tim Berners-Lee proposed a hypertext system to allow easy access to CERN documentation. With Berners-Lee's knowledge of the Internet, this eventually led to the World Wide Web (a name they came up with during this period). Prior to this Cailliau had been using Hypercard and all of the buildings at CERN were connected with Appletalk; it was his desire to see interdepartmental documentation that could be navigated around with hypertext that led to his innovative work. In reality this was a massive extension of the systems that Cailliau had introduced to CERN in 1973 and 1974. which had allowed the easy transfer of documents, code and files. 
In 1992 Cailliau produced the first Web browser for the Apple Macintosh. In 1994 Cailliau was one of the co-founders of the International WWW Conference Committee (IW3C2) after successfully organizing the first conference earlier that year. In 1995 Cailliau was awarded the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Software System Award for development of the World Wide Web. This award was jointly awarded to Tim Berners-Lee, as well as to Marc Andreesen and Eric Bina, the latter two for their work on developing Mosaic (a forerunner of the Netscape browser).
Tom Chesterton
Has have been working with employers in many countries since 1997 helping them to achieve their corporate goals and objectives through better people practice. Experience runs across recruitment, employee engagement and development.
Steve Evans
Steve is regularly invited to contribute to various recruitment publications and sits on the judging panel for social media and Recruitment Awards. Steve talks at various social media and attraction conferences. Steve advises on attraction strategies, social media and marketing. Be sure to ask him...”Why do you think recruitment has changed?”
Don’t ask him...”Are you sleeping much?” (the answer is always the same - he has 2 very young children)

Michel Guye-Bergeret
CERN Recruitment and Sourcing Specialist
Antoine Lhosmot
Antoine Lhosmot heads Potentialpark's activities in France, Switzerland as well as some international Talent Interaction projects since 2007. Potentialpark is a research institute based in Stockholm, Sweden, specialized in Online Talent Communication and Recruitment .
Colette Mason
Colette Mason is a product creator, marketing expert, web geek, author and also an inspirational speaker.
One of the UKs foremost usability and digital marketing consultants, Colette Mason has been involved in the UK IT industry since 1993, working as an advisor at The Metropolitan Police, The Post Office, Fujitsu, London Underground, television broadcaster ITV, international investment bank, Euroclear, as well as the public sector, with the UK Government’s The Home Office.
Colette is an entertaining speaker who provides a fascinating insight into the behind-the-scenes world of information technology, and how to create successful rewarding applications for businesses and their customers.
Colette has been host and speaker for many prestigious events, covering a wide range of topics, not limited to website usability, user-centered design, corporate social media trends and online marketing for IT professionals using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
As well as mastering an impressive speaker presence, Colette Mason has launched her first kindle book to help businesses tackle the hurdles in social media. Social Media Success in 7 Days is the definitive guide to B2B and B2C Social Media Marketing and teaches how to build effective business relationships by using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Delphine Muret
EMEA Principal Recruiter at Oracle.A senior, dedicated and smart consultant with strong experience in Technology, always willing to try new channels to approach talented individuals.
Sue Morison
Dr Morison is a specialist in dental and interprofessional education.  She is a Faculty member of the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Science, at the Queen’s University of Belfast. Her most recent work has involved the development and implementation of Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) to select students for the undergraduate dental course from both home and overseas.  In collaboration with SONRU, an on-line MMI process has been developed for overseas students to replicate the face-to-face process used with home students in a valid and reliable way. 
Keith Robinson
Founder and Chief Networking Officer at SiteAdvisor Group , Co Founder at  Passionate about recruitment and the candidate experience. Building recruiter communities.. In the 80's ran the recruitment operation at Computer Weekly and in 89 founded and launched Personnel today. From 90-99 work as Media Director at 2 of Uk's largest Recruitment Advertising agencies, Barkers Communication and Riley.Joined in 2000 as Website Director. Was part of a highly successful as part management team that took the site from a number 5 postion to a UK market leader. Became COO in 2004.

Gabriele Silva
After studies accomplished in Italy and the UK, Gabriele began his career in human resources and recruitment, as a Junior Recruiter in L’Oréal Italy. During his experience in Milan he implemented the full recruitment tool box of the Group with a specific attention on campus management, business games and social media.
After 4 years as recruiter in Milan, he joined the International Recruitment team based in Paris, using his expertise to develop new tools for recruiters, to train and animate the recruiters community globally. Among others, he managed projects including: the implementation of the new ATS in 63 countries, the LinkedIn - L’Oréal & Monster - L’Oréal global deal, postings technologies (Broadbean) and social media. He has knowledge and experience in recruitment enriched by a constant sharing with recruiters in different countries and markets.
Yves Quitin
Director General for Personnel & Administration, European Parliament
Also - Chairman of the EPSO Management Board

The Jobseeker's perspective

- Where do students and graduates look for employers and careers?
- Where do students and graduates prefer to interact with employer?
- How to measure the performance of two strategic tools: your career website and your ATS, based on jobseekers' preferences
- Best Career Websites in Europe in 2011
- Best Online Application Experiences in Europe in 2011
Video Screening Assessment
Selection for entry to medical and dental school based only on cognitive abilities is no longer in line with best practice in the UK, North America and Canada.  Recent research would indicate that using academic criteria alongside a more valid, reliable and standardised interview approach will help in the selection of students who are academically and behaviourally able.  Multiple-mini interviews (MMI) have been developed in response to this need and have been implemented and validated for face-to-face interviews to test a range of non-cognitive skills including interpersonal and communication skills, self awareness and empathy.   This presentation will describe the development of an on-line automated MMI process developed by the Queen’s University dental school in collaboration with Sonru.
Modernizing Recruitment in Brussels
David and Yves' presentation is a case study which will encapsulate the most exciting, fundamental and rapid change ever made to the methods used for selecting staff in the 50 years' history of the European Union's governing institutions. The following challenges will be explained:
  • The rationale for and governance of an inter-institutional office for selecting EU staff, and the need to align demand and supply of laureates in a strategic manner
  • The introduction of Assessment Centres and the shift from knowledge to a competency –based selection process;
  • Introduction of a European and global brand which, in one year has seen the European Institutions' climb 11 places up the European employer brand ladder;
  • Targeted country-specific strategies for communication across the Union's 27 Member States (ranging from countries of focus campaigns, training of EU-careers ambassador students on University campuses, use of social media and multiplier job events to international organisations days);
  • Handling the sensitivities of differences in 27 cultures and 23 languages;
  • In terms of technology, the introduction of computer-based testing in 23 languages, added to which the launch of testing on a world-wide basis – from 2011 it is possible to sit EU careers preselection tests at 40 centres outside the EU across all continents, in addition to the many centres across the EU.
Participants will gain valuable insights from EPSO's journey on the road to major transformation of a selection system that was no longer fit for purpose. David and Yves will explain the reasons for change, how a mandate was secured for major change from a diverse stakeholder group, how the process has been implemented, how the change was managed – internally and externally, as well as what the future holds in store.  The Financial Times wrote "an ageing workforce and the fact that top private sector employers have much less onerous recruitment procedures has forced the EU to overhaul the way it selects new personnel".
Sourcing : vision and tools
The presentation aims to share the vision and strategic tools of the L’Oréal Group regarding Sourcing. A particular attention will be devoted to the “sourcing” attitude, online sourcing tools (social media, LinkedIn & others online technologies) and to the coordination between all of them. The presentation will also include a general introduction on recruitment strategies and figures at L’Oréal.