EMI Open Source Workshop

513/1-024 (CERN)



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The EMI project and CERN in collaboration with several other projects are organizing a workshop at CERN to discuss about the ScienceSoft initiative and start defining more in details what it should be and do, what structure it should have, what legal form, mandate, scope, funding streams, etc, etc. The workshop is open to anybody with an interest in open source software for scientific applications who would like to actively contribute to the discussion and be part of the initial definition of this initiative. If you do not have a valid CERN account, you can create a lightweight account to be used with the registration page at: https://account.cern.ch/account/Externals/ More info on ScienceSoft can be found at (please note that this web site is still a bit work in progress): http://cern.ch/sciencesoft
Presentation at EGI Sustainability WS
  • Alberto Aimar
  • Alberto Di Meglio
  • Andrea Ceccanti
  • Andrea Manzi
  • antonio lagana
  • Balazs Konya
  • Beatrice Bressan
  • Bob Jones
  • Ciaran Bryce
  • Daniel S. Katz
  • David Foster
  • David Manset
  • Doina Cristina Aiftimiei
  • Eamonn Martin Kenny
  • Emidlo Giorgio
  • Enol Fernandez Del Castillo
  • Florida Estrella Cainglet
  • Frank Löffler
  • Goetz Philip Brasche
  • Isabel Campos Plasencia
  • Jesus Marco
  • John White White
  • Jon Kerr Nilsen
  • Maarten Litmaath
  • Marc-Elian Begin
  • Matthias Hofmann
  • Mirco Mazzucato
  • Morris Riedel
  • Nadia Nardi
  • Pasquale Pagano
  • Patrick Fuhrmann
  • Robert Harakaly
  • Steven Newhouse
    • 1
      Overview of the current status of the ScienceSoft discussions and brief definition of the "rules of the game" for the day
    • 2
      Setting the community scene: who is who
      Open discussion about which community we are targeting, whether the community exists already, who should be part of it, what problems or needs are they experiencing, etc. All participants are invited to describe which community they are part if and brief descriptions of their most urgent needs and goals
    • 3
      ScienceSoft: vision, scope, features and services
      Based on the agreed definition of what community ScienceSoft should serve and their needs, what should it do? What services should it provide, what features. What is the vision in one year, three years, ten years?
    • 12:00 PM
      Lunch break
    • 4
      Organization and mandate
      Once the vision, scope, services, functions, etc. are defined, what organizational structure should ScienceSoft adopt? Is there anything already in place that may fulfill this role? If not, can we define what is its mandate and those of the people setting it up and their roles and responsibilities?
    • 5
      Operation and funding mechanisms
      How should the ScienceSoft organization operate? What are the possible funding mechanisms, membership policies, partnerships?
    • 6
      Timeline and next steps
      How long will it take to implement the defined organization? What are the immediate next steps?
    • 7
      Summary of the day, final thoughts, next meetings/workshops/events