August 20, 2012 to September 1, 2012
Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques de Cargese
Europe/Paris timezone

** Registration deadline: March 9, 2012 **

As the LHC grasps more and more data, particle physics is experiencing an exciting time. The next Cargese summer school is targetted particularly at advanced graduate students and young postdocs, with a strong interest in collider physics. Theorists, model builders, phenomenologists, and experimentalists with an inclination for theory are all encouraged to apply. The school will share the same spirit as the 2010 school.  The school unfortunately overlaps with the Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics in St Andrews, which however is more oriented to experimentalists. There will be three 1.5 h lectures per day followed by discussion sessions in the afternoon. Students will also have the opportunity to present their work in short talks if they wish.


The school will take place at the Institute for Scientific Studies in Cargese, Corsica.

Lectures:    (#C=CMS, #A=ATLAS )
♦ Experimental lectures:

  • Search for new physics at Tevatron: Aurelio Juste (ICREA & IFAE, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, #A),
  • Overview of LHC results: Karl Jakobs (Freiburg U., #A),
  • Search for Exotics: Meenakshi Narain (Brown U., #C),
  • Statistics: Glen Cowan (Royal Holloway, U. of London, #A). 

♦ Closing lecture/Perspectives:

  • Tejinder Virdee (Imperial College, London, #C).
  Theory lectures:
  • Collider physics: Maxim Perelstein (Cornell U.),
  • Jet physics (substructure, boosted objects): Matthew Schwartz (Harvard U.),
  • QCD: Andrea Banfi (Freiburg U.),
  • Top physics: Eric Laenen (Amsterdam U. & Nikhef),
  • Higgs theory and searches: Chiara Mariotti (INFN-Torino & CERN, #C),
  • Alternatives for Electroweak Symmetry Breaking: Alex Pomarol (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona),
  • SUSY models of EW scale: David Shih (Rutgers U.),
  • Flavor and New Physics: Andreas Weiler (DESY),
  • Dark matter - LHC connectionNatalia Toro (Perimeter Institute).
  ♦ Tutorials:
  • MadGraph practice: Maxim Perelstein (Cornell U.),
  • Simplified models: Natalia Toro (Perimeter Institute).

Application: On-line application will open on December 1st, 2011 and will close on March 9th, 2012. The student selection will be announced around the end of March, 2012. 

Advisory Committee: lecturers of the 2010 Cargese summer school.