4-9 June 2012
Life Sciences Centre, UBC
Canada/Pacific timezone
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Measuring the b-jet tagging efficiency using samples of jets containing muons with ATLAS data

4 Jun 2012, 16:00
West Atrium (Life Sciences Centre, UBC)

West Atrium

Life Sciences Centre, UBC

University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC Canada
Poster Standard Model & Beyond 1D: Poster Session and Coffee Break


Christian Andreas Jung (Technische Universitaet Dortmund (DE))


The identification of jets originating from b-quarks, referred to as b-tagging, is an important part of the LHC physics program. In precision easurements in the top quark sector as well as in the search for the Higgs boson and new phenomena, the suppression of background processes containing predominantly light-flavour jets using b-tagging is of great use. In order for b-tagging to be used in physics analyses the efficiency with which a jet originating from a b-quark is tagged by a b-tagging algorithm needs to be measured. The b-tag efficiency can measured with two complementary methods in a sample of jets containing muons by exploiting the transverse momentum of the muon with respect to the jet axis (pTrel). One method fits pTrel emplates to the data to extract the fraction of b-jets in the sample before and after b-tagging while the other method makes use of two samples with different vour composition and two uncorrelated b-tagging algorithms.

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Primary author

Christian Andreas Jung (Technische Universitaet Dortmund (DE))

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