Oct 8 – 11, 2012
Europe/Zurich timezone
In view of the ongoing experimental program at the LHC we are organizing a four day workshop on the theme “Prospects for Charged Higgs Discovery at Colliders” in Uppsala, Sweden,8-11 October 2012. This will be the fourth workshop of this kind - the first three were held in September 2006, 2008 and 2010 in Uppsala (see http://www.grid.tsl.uu.se/chargedhiggs2006/ ,http://www.grid.tsl.uu.se/chargedhiggs2008/ and http://www.grid.tsl.uu.se/chargedhiggs2010/ respectively).
At the time of the Workshop, the LHC will have been in operation for about six months in 2012 and the order of 15 inverse femtobarns may have been collected by the experiments. The potential for that signs of new physics with implications for charged Higgs searches will have been seen already at the time of the Workshop is significant. Moreover, new theoretical and phenomenological ideas concerning charged Higgs bosons have been developed since the last Workshop in 2010 and further investigations of the charged Higgs discovery reach of the experiments under various theoretical assumptions will have been carried out.
The plan is to bring together experimentalists and theorists to review the development, since the third workshop, of charged Higgs searches, in particular with regard to recent results from charged Higgs searches at the colliders, theory/phenomenology and generator level simulation, analysis tools and triggers as well as strategies for experimental data analysis and future experimentation. The workshop program is available under Scientific Program/Timetable.
We are, as in the previous years, aiming at a lively, instructive and fruitful workshop. We thus solicit and welcome contributed talks on the exploration of charged Higgs bosons to be presented (15 minutes talk + 5 min discussion). If you want to give a contributed talk, please submit a (be it tentative) title and abstract by latest 27 August.
All presented projector slides will be made available on the workshop web page and be kept there at least for two years. In addition write-ups of the talks will be published in proceedings from the workshop. For more information on the proceedings see the section about Proceedings.
Gustavianum Uppsala University Sweden
The sessions of the workshop will be held at Gustavianum, Uppsala University (see http:// www.gustavianum.uu.se/en/) in downtown Uppsala.

The locations of the hotels can be seen on the Map of Uppsala. Participants are asked to make their own hotel reservations. We have pre-booked a number of rooms at two hotels in Uppsala - for more information see under Accommodation. Be sure to book before the deadline and to state the booking code to receive the discounted price. Please contact the hotel directly for all questions. (Note that you cannot use booking sites on the internet to get the discount.) Early reservation is strongly advised.

Uppsala is situated 35 km from Sweden's main airport Stockholm/Arlanda. For a map of the airport terminals and for bus and train timetables to and from the airport see the section about Arlanda Airport. Participants are requested to make their own air travel reservations. Please make your reservations in good time.

There is an online Registration Form available. We ask you to register at your earliest convenience. The workshop fee is 2100 SEK. If registration is done after September 8 the fee is 2600 SEK.