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Copa Airlines
Copa Airlines Conventions

COPA Airlines, the official airline of STARS2013 and SMFNS2013, offers to all participants a special rate, available at the time of booking, for all destinations in countries from South, Central and North America as well as from the Caribbean region. In order to get the discount offered by COPA Airlines, participants must present a copy of the invitation letter sent by the Organizing Committee, together with the Copa Airlines voucher. The discount is characterized by the code B5191 and it corresponds to 10% of the original airfare. For further details about the reservation numbers and agencies, please see the list of Copa offices.

Travel Requirements
Please check with the Cuban Embassy in your home country or its consulates for up-to-date information.

A valid passport is required for travelers intending to visit Cuba. The passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the date of your expected departure from Cuba. A tourist card (or visa) is also required. It is generally provided by tour operators or airlines, or can be obtained from a Cuban consulate in your home country. It can also be purchased at certain airports. There is a mandatory airport tax of 25 CUC (Cuban convertible pesos), payable at the departure day.

Health Insurance
Since May 1, 2010, travellers must present proof of health insurance in order to enter Cuba. Upon arrival, travellers may be required to present an insurance policy, insurance certificate, or medical assistance card valid for the period of their stay in the country. Those who do not have proof of insurance coverage may be required to obtain health insurance from a Cuban insurance company at their arrival. All health insurance policies are recognized, except those issued by U.S. insurance companies, as they cannot provide coverage in Cuba.

Currency and Payments
The national currency in Cuba is the Cuban Peso (CUP). However, all payments in the establishments operating in foreign exchange in Cuba must be made with the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC).

In Cuba you will not be able to use your debit bank card to make cash withdrawals or to make payments. Therefore, we recommend bringing along cash and exchanging it when you arrive in Cuba. You can exchange hard currencies for CUC at banks, official cash exchange offices ("Casas de Cambio" by Cadeca) or at your hotel  according to the daily rate. Some banks, like Banco Metropolitano S.A., have better exchange rates.

Visa and MasterCard credit cards not issued by US banks are widely accepted, however American Express and Diners' Club credit cards are not accepted at all. You may be able to make cash withdrawals from some bank ATMs using your Visa credit card. You can use other credit cards to pay in stores and hotels or to make cash withdrawals in banks as long as you have your passport with you as identification. All transactions conducted with credit cards shall be subject to a 3% tax. 

Import and Export Rules
For detailed information on import and export requirements, please visit the Cuban Customs Web site.