12-18 August 2012
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Anisotropic flow measured from multi-particle azimuthal correlations for Pb-Pb collisions at 2.76 TeV by ALICE at the LHC

17 Aug 2012, 17:10
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Oral Presentation Correlations and fluctuations Parallel 7D: Correlations & Fluctuations (Chair B. Wosiek)


Ante Bilandzic (Niels Bohr Institute (DK))


The properties of the produced matter in a heavy-ion collision can be experimentally studied by measuring the azimuthal anisotropy in the momentum distribution of the produced particles. Quantified by the anisotropic flow coefficients, v_n, and corresponding symmetry planes, psi_n, such anisotropy is expected to reflect the shape of the initial energy density of the collision. We report on the measurement of various flow harmonics, v_n, with multi-particle cumulants, and present the results from a study of the inter-correlation among different order symmetry planes psi_n via multi-particle mixed harmonic correlations. This provides comprehensive experimental information on the fluctuating event-by-event shape of the initial conditions, which is currently among the main sources of large theoretical uncertainties in describing the evolution of the system created in heavy-ion collisions.

Primary author

Collaboration ALICE (CERN, Geneva, Switzerland)


Ante Bilandzic (Niels Bohr Institute (DK))

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