MSSM Higgs discussion

Theory Coffee room (CERN)

Theory Coffee room


MSSM Higgs discussion (25 May 2012)

Minutes by Sven Heinemeyer

Present: Robert Harlander, Pietro Slavich, Michael Spira, Georg Weiglein, Heidi Rzehak, Giuseppe
Degrassi, Alessandro Vicini, Sven Heinemeyer,  Emanuele Bagnaschi, Monica Vazquez Acosta

g -> h/H/A:
To yield progress now it was decided to advance with the two codes/compi-lation of results that
include the NLO corrections to SUSY loops, the one from Robert et al. and the one from

Pietro/Alessandro/Giuseppe et al.
First tests should be performed in the mhmax scenario, where the new codes should agree well with
the current implementation and then move to parameter regions where the new corrections might
play a role. Robert, Pietro and Monica/Trevor should compare first results. Of course, once Michael's
result on the NLO corrections to SUSY loops will become available this should also be included in the

Personal remark (Sven): we should make sure that the 4 pi result also matches the distributions
which are eventually needed.
Comment M. Spira: ---> For the Higgs rapidity distribution this is probably ok. For the pt distribution
there is no chance. A calculation of the (SUSY-)QCD corrections is not available in particular for
large tgb and will probably not be done within a sufficient time period. These QCD corrections are
only known in the limit of heavy tops. For large tgb these are completely off.

bb - h/H/A:
I do not remember anything specific...
4FS and 5FS numbers are ready and are scaled with FH couplings (as in the past).
Finally: Santander matching is applied.

heavy charged Higgs:
5FS: numbers for top and bottom are produced from Prospino and then the FH couplings are
4FS: numbers for top, bottom, top-bottom are produced and then the FH couplings are applied.
Finally: Santander matching.

Comment M. Spira:
---> This does not apply to the SUSY-QCD corrections. These should be treated as above for the
neutral Higgs case, if we do not only concentrate on large tgb only.

light charged Higgs:
numbers are produced 'as before', but with a special error estimate close to the top threshold. 
Michael S. will check with Adrian Signer, Robert will check his Diploma thesis.

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