7-9 November 2007
INFN - Frascati (Italy)
Europe/Zurich timezone
The CARE-HHH-APD Mini-Workshop IR'07 (Interaction Regions for the LHC Upgrade, DAFNE and SuperB) will be devoted to the upgrade of the LHC interaction region (IR), experience with the upgrated DAFNE IR, and plans for SuperB. Key topics include optics performance and limitations, optimization of new LHC triplet magnets, heat deposition questions, early-separation dipoles, detector-integrated quadrupole doublets, and crab-waist collisions. Integration issues for crab cavities and wire compensators. or electron lenses will also be addressed. The first goal of IR'07 is to narrow down the possible LHC IR optics options and converge on magnet parameters. A second goal is to identify the ingredients for each of the two LHC upgrade phases. A third goal is to strengthen the collaboration with the DAFNE/SuperB studies and to explore the applicability of advanced IR concepts to the LHC. Organizing Committee : W. Scandale, F. Zimmermann Secretary : Claudine Bosteels
INFN - Frascati (Italy)
Aula Divisione Acceleratori
Bldg 2 - First floor
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