TH Thursday Seminar

Lattice QCD, Random Matrix Theory and chiral condensates

by Hidenori Fukaya (Niels Bohr)

1/1-025 (CERN)



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The low-lying QCD Dirac spectrum is expected to match with that of chiral random matrix theory (ChRMT), in which the chiral condensate plays a crucial role. We perform two-flavor lattice QCD simulations near the chiral limit with the dynamical overlap quarks which respects the exact chiral symmetry. On a 16^3 32 lattice with the lattice spacing a = 0.11fm, we reduce the sea quark mass down to around 3 MeV and find a good agreement of the Dirac spectrum with the analytical prediction of ChRMT. The chiral condensate is extracted without chiral extrapolations. The renormalization factor is calculated by a non-perturbative scheme.
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Leonardo Giusti