TH Thursday Seminar

Large theta_13 and future long baseline experiments

by Silvia Pascoli (Unknown)

TH Theory Conference Room (CERN)

TH Theory Conference Room


In the coming years, many experiments will improve the bounds on and possible find a positive signature for the small neutrino mixing angle theta13. New reactor experiments, DoubleCHOOZ and Daya Bay, as well accelerator neutrino experiments, MINOS and T2K, will have very soon a sensitivity by a factor 2-3 better then the present bound. If a positive signal is found, the possibility to search for matter effects and CP-violation in the leptonic sector will open. In this talk, I will discuss the relevant phenomenological issues and various experimental strategies for long baseline neutrino experiments aimed at these searches. In particular I will highlight how such scenario might require different experimental setups with respect to the case of very small mixing angle theta13.
Organized by

Leonardo Giusti