Apr 8 – 10, 2013
University of Liverpool
Europe/London timezone

Scientific Program

The programme for this meeting will encompass activities in both High Energy and Astro Particle fields as well as discussing the synergies between them. Talks will include the latest results from the LHC, up to date reports on neutrino, charged lepton and quark flavour physics, Dark Matter searches, nuclear astrophysics, gravitational waves, and a topical review of early cosmic ray discoveries.

There will be plenary talks on the following subjects:

Collider Phenomenology
Standard Model Results from CMS & ATLAS
Beyond the Standard Model results from CMS & ATLAS
Intensity Frontier Experiments
LHCb & B Factories
Accelerators for the Intensity and Energy Frontier
Latest Results from the Tevatron
Gravitational Waves
Nuclear Astrophysics
Hadronic Interactions Beyond the LHC
Dark Matter Experiments
Early Cosmic Ray Physics
BSM Particle and AstroParticle Theory
Flavour and Neutrino Theory
Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
Latest Results from Neutrino Experiments
  • Plenary - PP Experiment, LHC GPDs

  • Plenary - PP Experimental, Flavour, Neutrinos, Dark Matter

  • Plenary - Theory and Future

  • Plenary - APP Experimental

  • Plenary - Future of the Programme

  • Parallel Track 1

  • Parallel Track 2

  • Parallel Track 3

  • Parallel Track 4