ISOLDE Seminar

Statistical tools for nuclear experiments (3/4)

by Dr Karsten Riisager (Aarhus University (DK))

26-1-022 (CERN)



Essentially all experiments in nuclear physics today involve statistical methods during analysis of the obtained data. These methods are wonderful tools if you understand what they do, but applied blindly they can lead to wrong conclusions and other serious mistakes. Furthermore the experimentalist often encounters situations where the standard basic textbook recipes do not suffice. This set of lectures gives a practical introduction to when and how statistical methods can be applied. It concentrates on situations that postgraduate students in nuclear physics may encounter. The lectures will cover the conceptual background and are accompanied by practical excercises. The participants are assumed to have some practical experience with data analysis and a basic knowledge on statistics. Barlow's 2002 academic training lectures for postgraduate students introduces most of the concepts that will be employed.
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