Will perfect fluidity of the sQGP survive in light of the BES & D+Au & p+Au data?

May 19, 2014, 6:10 PM
europium (darmstadtium)



Schlossgraben 1 64283 Darmstadt Germany
Contributed Talk Collective Dynamics Collective dynamics


Prof. Miklos Gyulassy (Columbia University)


Recent low pT<2 GeV vn data on the beam energy scan (BES) and D+Au at RHIC and the surprising data on low pT vn in p+Pb at LHC challenge long held assumptions about the validity or necessity of perfect fluid hydrodynamics in A+A. Could classical field interference phenomena from color antenna arrays and or Unruh noninertial color currents play a critical role in resolving the BES+DA+pA puzzle? We explore non-hydrodynamic scenarios that could generate apparent collective flow signatures in vn observables.

Primary author

Prof. Miklos Gyulassy (Columbia University)


Dr Tamas Biro (Wigner Center, KFKI, Budapest)

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