Academic Training Lecture Regular Programme

The Nuclear Physics Programme at CERN (1/3)

by Dr David Jenkins (University of York)

222/R-001 (CERN)



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This lecture series will focus on the two major facilities at CERN for nuclear physics: ISOLDE and nToF. ISOLDE is one of the world's leading radioactive beam facilities which can produce intense beams of unstable nuclei. Some of these beams can also be re-acclerated to energies around the Coulomb barrier and undergo nuclear reactions in turn. ISOLDE can address a wide range of Physics from nuclear structure to nuclear astrophysics (the origin of the chemical elements) and fundamental physics. The second major facility is nToF which is a neutron time-of-flight facility. Intense neutron beams are used to study nuclear reactions important both for nuclear astrophysics and for present and future reactor cycles. An overview will be given of these two facilities including highlights of their Physics programmes and the perspectives for the future.
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