Nov 8 – 9, 2007
Europe/Zurich timezone
The hardware commissioning of the LHC is well underway and will continue through the autumn/winter/spring, progressively delivering more and more equipment to Operations. While the 8 sectors of the machine are all rather similar from the point of view of the circuits driving the magnets, the other accelerator systems are very varied. We have envisaged that when a sector, for example, is ready, we will enter a phase of operations testing of this sector. As more and more sectors and accelerator systems become available to operations, the activity begins to look more and more like the machine checkout to get ready for beam. For each accelerator system we will need to go through several phases; 1. Installation 2. Component tests 3. Individual system tests 4. Integration into operation 5. Machine checkout 6. Beam commissioning The purpose of this workshop is for OP to get a first look for each system; • The present status of the system • The plans for commissioning without beam • Are all the tools in hand and what is needed from OP • What do we get when this phase is finished • Beam requirements if there is time
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