Dear colleagues,
on behalf of the Organizing Committee we are happy to announce that the merged Symposium ''RREPS-13'' and ''Meghri-13'' will take place at Lake Sevan (Armenia) during 2013, September 23-28 organized by Tomsk Polytechnic University (Russia) and Institute of Applied Problems of Physics (Republic of Armenia).

The Symposium will focus on the following topics:

  • General Properties of Radiation from Relativistic Particles
  • Transition Radiation
  • Parametric X- Radiation
  • Diffraction Radiation, Smith-Purcell Effect
  • Coherent Bremsstrahlung and Channeling Radiation
  • X-Ray Scattering by Acoustic Superlattices
  • Interaction of Particle Beams with Artificial Structures (Acoustic Superlattices, Metamaterials, etc.)
  • Control of Parameters of Plasma by Acoustic Superlattices and Monochromatic Optical Radiation
  • Application of Radiation Beams


  We invite colleagues developing investigations in these directions as well as those who are working on applications of radiations physics to attend the Symposium.

  Prospective approaches to design intense and tuning radiation sources need further investigations and development. The previous RREPS symposia (see: and Meghri conferences (see: made a significant contribution to this progress.

  We hope that ''RREPS-13'' and ''Meghri-13'' will also provide great possibilities for discussions and contacts between participants working in different fields of radiation physics.

  Co-chairmen of   A.P. Potylitsyn
  the Organizing Committee   A.H. Mkrtchyan
X Internarional Symposium «Radiation from Relativistic Electrons in Periodic Structures» will be held near Lake Sevan - the huge mountain lake which takes up 5% of Armenia's surface area and is about 2,000 meters above sea level. Further information on the workshop are available at: