EPFL seminars

Standard Model Higgs and Inflationary Cosmology

by Kohei Kamada (DESY, Hamburg)

EPFL, Cubotron 727 (EPFL)

EPFL, Cubotron 727


The discovery of the standard model Higgs-like boson at LHC gives us an opportunity for the first time to discuss how far the birth and evolution of the Universe can be explained by the known physics. In particular, the possibility that the SM Higgs field itself drives the primordial inflation has not been ruled out yet, although it becomes
impossible in many parameter region due to the negative Higgs quartic coupling at higher energy scales. In this talk, I discuss the variations of the ”Higgs inflation models” in the context of the generalized Galileons. I also discuss how to avoid the Electroweak vacuum instability problem in the case of negative Higgs quartic coupling in high scale inflation that may be favored by the forthcoming data release of Planck.
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