Middleware Development and Innovation Alliance (MeDIA)

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The EMI (European Middleware Initiative) project is a collaboration among four of the major European providers of middleware for grid and distributed computing and data networks - ARC, dCache, gLite and UNICORE. The project will end in April 2013.

To facilitate the development, deployment and maintenance of middleware solutions beyond the current funding, the EMI project is proposing an initiative for a long-term, open, lightweight coordination of distributed middleware technologies - the Middleware Development and Innovation Alliance (MeDIA).

This workshop summarizes three years of work and achievements of the EMI project and kick-starts the activity of the MEDIA initiative. It includes a description of the motivations and the proposed mandate, scope and activities. A public discussions on how to implement the activities and on the most immediate tasks to be performed will conclude the workshop.

The expected participation is from team leaders and members of middleware development teams, user communities technical experts, infrastructure providers, application developers interested to hear about future coordination plans of mw providers and provide feedback and requirements to the initiative.

A draft proposal describing the MeDIA initiative, its motivations, scope and goals has been prepared and is available here. We welcome feedback and comment before this event as useful input to the discussion.
MEDIA initiative proposal (draft)
  • Ahmed Shiraz Memon
  • Alberto Aimar
  • Alberto Di Meglio
  • Alvise Dorigo
  • Andrea Ceccanti
  • Andrea Manieri
  • Balazs Konya
  • Beatrice Bressan
  • Bernd Thomas Schuller
  • Dario Menasce
  • Doina Cristina Aiftimiei
  • Emidio Giorgio
  • Enol Fernandez Del Castillo
  • Enzo Valente
  • Eric Frizziero
  • Florida Estrella Cainglet
  • Giuseppe Fiameni
  • Ivan Marton
  • John White White
  • Jon Kerr Nilsen
  • Konstantinos Koumantaros
  • Lisa Zangrando
  • Luciano Gaido
  • Marco Cecchi
  • Marco Paganoni
  • Michele Avossa
  • Mirco Mazzucato
  • Nadia Nardi
  • Oliver Keeble
  • Oxana Smirnova
  • Patrick Fuhrmann
  • Pei-Hua Vicky Huang
  • Steven Newhouse
  • Tomasz Piontek
  • Valerio Venturi
  • Vincenzo Vagnoni
  • Zdenek Sustr
    • 1
      Workshop introduction
      Speaker: Dr Alberto Di Meglio (CERN)
    • 2
      The Road to EMI
      A short history of previous MW-related collaborations and an overview of the major achievement of the EMI project
      Speaker: Dr Mirco Mazzucato (INFN)
    • 3
      EMI achievements
      Speaker: Dr Alberto Di Meglio (CERN)
    • 10:30 AM
      Coffee break
    • 4
      MEDIA: motivations, mandate, scope and organization
      Speaker: Dr Balazs Konya (Lund University (SE))
    • 5
      Community requirements - part 1
      Speaker: Dr Balazs Konya (Lund University (SE))
    • 6
      Discussion: goals, activities and scope
      Speaker: Dr Balazs Konya (Lund University (SE))
    • 12:30 PM
    • 7
      Community requirements - part 2
      Speaker: Morris Riedel (Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH (DE))
      • a) EGI
        Speaker: Steven Newhouse
      • b) WLCG
        Speaker: Oliver Keeble (CERN)
      • c) SAGA
        Speaker: Dr Shantenu Jha (Rutgers University)
      • d) OSG
        Speaker: Dr Tim Cartwright (University of Wisconsin)
    • 8
      Discussion: governance and organization of work
      Speaker: Oxana Smirnova (Lund University (SE))
    • 3:30 PM
    • 9
      Summary of discussions and next steps
      Speakers: Dr Alberto Di Meglio (CERN), Dr Balazs Konya (Lund University (SE))