Green and Compact Magnet Technology for Optimization of Particle Accelerators

Jun 27, 2013, 11:00 AM
BE auditorium - Building 6 (CERN)

BE auditorium - Building 6


European Organisation for Nuclear Research CH - 1211Genève 23 Switzerland


Bjarne Roger Nielsen (Danfysik A/S)


Traditionally magnets for particle accelerators have been based on electromagnetic generation of the magnetic field. A new Green Magnet® technology based on permanent magnets requires close to zero electrical power, no cooling water, and it saves cost, space and natural resources. The technology has been developed as a collaborative R&D project between industry and academia. The performance of the first demonstrator dipole magnet will be presented. Furthermore, a new highly compact multiple function magnet system for synchrotron light sources is being produced for the MAX IV 3 GeV storage ring. The integration of up to 12 individual dipole and multipole magnets into single monolithic magnet structures enables a compact, low emittance storage ring. Challenges in manufacturing and magnetic testing will be described.

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