17-19 June 2013
Queen Mary, University of London
Europe/London timezone

Student Poster Contributions

Andrew Granger (Sussex)
Flavour Phenomenology in a Warped Extra Dimension

Jason Hammett (Southampton)

Precision Calculations of Leptoquark production at the LHC

Yusufu Shehu (Sussex)
Leptonic SUSY signatures for the LHC Upgrade

Raul Cuesta (Sussex)
UV-IR Connection within Asymptotic Safe Gravity

Jan Schroeder (Sussex)
Scattering in Fixed Point Gravity

Stefanie Langrock (QMUL)

Monitoring of the Scattering Length with SMELLIE at the SNO+ Detector

Peter Mati (Sussex)
Functional renormalisation and the BMB phenomenon

Sophie King (QMUL/Southampton) & Michele Re Fiorentin (Southampton)
Neutrino parameters and N2-dominated leptogenesis

Evelina Arushanova (QMUL)
Calibration of the detector with 90Y source

Ashley Back (QMUL)
SNO+: Data Quality and Probing Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay

Robin Aggleton (Bristol)
Search for an Invisible Higgs Boson at the CMS detector

Russell Kirk (RHUL)
Dark matter from topological defects