30-31 May 2013
Europe/Zurich timezone
In the frame of the LHC upgrades towards the High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC), the improvement of the LHC collimation system is a critical aspect. The review has the main scope of assessing the needs of new collimators in the LHC cold dispersion suppressors for the operation beyond LS2.

Charge of the review panel:
The committee should look into the various aspects of the presented upgrade baseline and advise in particular on the need to pursue R&D on 11T dipoles for a possible installation in the LHC for LS2.
  • Are the assumptions for performance reach estimates appropriate and adequately addressed?
  • Is the present upgrade strategy appropriate in view of being able to take a decision in 2015?
  • Is there any aspect that has been overlooked?
A final report should be produced and delivered to Steve Myers and Stefano Redaelli.

Review panel:
Mike Seidel (PSI, Chair), Giorgio Apollinari (FNAL), Wolfram Fischer (BNL), Marzio Nessi (ATLAS), Rudiger Schmidt (CERN/ESS), Carsten Omet (GSI).