Aug 19 – 20, 2013
US/Central timezone
The aim of the workshop is to bring together experimental and theoretical researchers that work in the area of gauge boson couplings. Given the recent discovery of a Higgs-like particle, there is renewed interest in the status of our understanding of electroweak symmetry breaking, especially the triple and quadratic gauge boson couplings, which are directly sensitive to Higgs couplings. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has ended its run-I data collection phase, with both CMS and ATLAS detectors recording about 25 fb−1 of integrated luminosity each. In the following two years, a scheduled shutdown will allow to increase the energy of the proton collisions at the LHC to 13 TeV. While many of the current results constraining gauge and Higgs boson couplings will be delivered during this summer, more precise measurements of quartic couplings and WW scattering will need 13 TeV data. This makes the proposed workshop at LPC ideally placed time-wise, as a venue to discuss the results and their implications for the next LHC run starting in 2015.

Among the topics of interest for the workshop and open session are:
  • Anomalous trilinear and quartic couplings in an effective field theory framework
  • Anomalous quartic couplings in vector boson scattering and multi-boson production
  • Connection with Higgs boson couplings
  • Signatures of new physics as VV resonances and multi-boson production
  • Unitarization procedure
  • Improved understanding of background processes containing forward jets

The workshop structure is as follows:
  • Monday, August 19th - Joint Theory & Experiment Open Session
    • In LPC Sunrise meeting room (Wilson Hall 11th floor east)  
    • Highlights from current theoretical work in this broad area
    • Recent results from the experimental community.
  • Tuesday, August 20th - CMS Workshop Sessions
    • In LPC Sunrise meeting room (Wilson Hall 11th floor east)
    • Short introductory talks related to the primary topics of the workshop
    • Significant time allotted for discussion and working group efforts
    • Summary talks of progress achieved during the workshop will take place on Tuesday.

The first day of the workshop will be open while the second day will be restricted to CMS collaborators. A nominal registration fee of 50 USD (25 USD for students) is due upon arrival to cover expenses for coffee and snacks. NOTE: The registration fee can ONLY be collected in USD as Cash or Check (We DO NOT have a provision to collect this fee by credit card).

Social event: Monday night dinner at Two Brothers tap house
Two Brothers Brewing Company is the largest independently owned and operated craft brewer in Chicagoland. Their tap house, located in a hidden corner near the south-east boundary of Fermilab, is a local attraction. Their "atom smasher" brand of beer is very popular. We plan to head out there immediately after the conclusion of Day 1 (open session) of the workshop. Please let us know if you would like to join. Everybody will pay their own tab. For menu and direction please see
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