2nd savannah-ggus-cms meeting for the WLCG tracktools TF

28/1-025 (CERN)



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Christoph Wissing - CMS
Maria Dimou - WLCG & GGUS
Guenter Grein - GGUS

Summary ticket: Savannah:131565.

Notes from the initial (2012/12/04) meeting: here.

GGUS proposed developments:

1. Create a CMS-only web submission form Savannah:134411.

2. Offer SiteDB to CMS users/supporters Savannah:134413.

3. Show the SU changes in a ticket's life Savannah:134415.

4. ToP will, automatically, put an email address in the ticket's Cc field Savannah:134416.

Decisions from this meeting:

a. The savannah tracker called "CMS Computing Infrastructure Support" will be (probably) archived for past tickets.

b. Maria added Christoph into the e-group wlcg-ops-coord-tf-tracktools@cern.ch where general savannah migration information circulates.

c. The technical precisions on each of the above tickets appear inside the tickets.

Summary on above agenda points 1-4:

1. The ticket submission can be possible from any GGUS user. The web form will have a URI like https://ggus.eu/pages/ticket_cms.php. Its layout should be like the TEAM ticket's form, so much simpler that the USER ticket submission form. The MoU field is even not necessary.
ACTION: Christoph will comment in Savannah:134411 if anything else is needed on the form.

2. The "Notify site" value on this CMS-specific web ticket submission form will be taken from SiteDB.

3. There is a need to define CMS-specific GGUS SUs based on the expertise of the CMS squads. 
ACTION: Christoph will propose SU values to discuss in another such meeting.

4. The "Type of Problem" will have different CMS-specific values. Details and observations on the Cc field in Savannah:134416#comment4
ACTION: Christoph will propose ToP values to discuss in another such meeting. Guenter to check the ToP-Cc technical details.


Christoph asked what supporters at the sites, working in their local ticketing system, should do when they see the SU of a ticket is incorrect and they wish to re-assign the fastest way. Answer is: Do this directly in GGUS!
The agenda of this meeting is empty