Semicoherent search optimization using real detector data

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Dr Miroslav Shaltev (Albert Einstein Institute, Hannover)


The search for continuous gravitational waves in a wide parameter space is most efficiently done with semi-coherent methods, e.g. StackSlide, due to the prohibitive computing cost of the fully-coherent search strategies. Recently we have developed an analytical method for finding optimal StackSlide parameters at fixed computing cost under ideal conditions, i.e. gap-less data and constant noise floor. In this work we consider more realistic conditions by allowing for gaps in the data and noise level changes. We show how the sensitivity optimization can be formulated as a problem suitable for numerical optimization combined with a data selection procedure. Using a directed StackSlide search as an example, we compare three different data selection strategies.

Primary author

Dr Miroslav Shaltev (Albert Einstein Institute, Hannover)


Dr Reinhard Prix (AEI, Hannover)

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