Data sets of equation of state for core-collapse supernovae: their impact on dynamics and signals

Mar 26, 2014, 2:30 PM


Prof. Kohsuke Sumiyoshi (Numazu College of Technology, Japan)


Properties of hot and dense matter play a key role in the explosion dynamics of core-collapse supernovae. The equation of state (EOS) affects the energetics of core-bounce and the following revival of shock wave for explosions. The EOS determines the final fate of compact objects together with emergent signals of neutrinos. Therefore, systematic sets of data for supernova EOS are essential ingredients in numerical simulations of supernovae. In this presentation, I review critical and delicate roles of EOS in the supernova dynamics, the birth of compact objects and the associated signals. I would like to stress efforts on constructing sets of supernova EOS to cover the extreme and variable conditions in supernova cores beyond neutron star EOSs. I illustrate the importance of systematic descriptions of nuclear matter, composition and associated neutrino reactions as wells as systematic explorations of EOS effects in multi-dimensional simulations for the successful explosion.

Primary author

Prof. Kohsuke Sumiyoshi (Numazu College of Technology, Japan)

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