Pasta structures in quark-hadron phase transition by non-local NJL model

Mar 24, 2014, 6:20 PM


Prof. Nobutoshi Yasutake (Chiba Institute of Technology)


We study the quark-hadron phase transition with the finite size effects for neutron star matter. Generally, non-uniform structures appear in the phase transition of multi-component system. Namely, we call them as the pasta structures. In this study, the properties of the mixed phase are clarified by considering the finite size effects. We find that, if the surface tension is strong, the EOS becomes to be close the one with the Maxwell condition, though we adopt the Gibbs conditions. We adopt the non-local NJL model, but the result is qualitatively same with the one with a simple bag model. Hence, we conclude that the finite size effects on EOS have universality. We also find that the mass-radius relations by the EOS are consistent with the observations.

Primary author

Prof. Nobutoshi Yasutake (Chiba Institute of Technology)


David Blaschke (University of Wroclaw) Rafal Lastowiecki (University of Wroclow) Sanjin Benic (University of Zagreb) Toshiki Maruyama (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) Toshitaka Tatsumi (Kyoto University)

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