Multiwavelength properties of gamma-ray loud binaries.

Mar 28, 2014, 2:00 PM


Maria Chernyakova (D)


Gamma-ray-loud binary systems are a newly identified class of X-ray binaries detected up to TeV energies. They are peculiar examples of the HMXBs with the energy output dominated by emission in the high-energy (GeV) gamma-ray band. The nature of this peculiarity is not completely understood yet. At least one system, PSR B1259-63 is known to be powered by a young pulsar. The nature of the compact objects orbiting massive stars in other systems is not constrained. However, similarity of the spectral characteristics of the known gamma-ray binaries (only 4 are currently known) suggests similar nature of the compact objects in these systems. In my talk I will review the latest multi-wavelengths observations of these systems and discuss possible theoretical scenarios.

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