October 3, 2013
Europe/Zurich timezone
The LHC Injectors Upgrade (LIU) should plan for delivering reliably to the LHC the beams required for reaching the goals of the HL-LHC. This includes LINAC4, the PS booster, the PS, the SPS, as well as the heavy ion chain. In order to do this significant upgrades are required to many of the beam instrumentation systems in all these accelerators. This CERN internal meeting has the goal of reviewing the status and plans for beam instrumentation in the LHC injector complex (except Linac4) and checking its coherence with the needs of the LIU project. The following questions are to be addressed: 1. Are the specifications clear and can they be met by the proposed systems? 2. What is the installation/commissioning planning of the various instruments? 3. Are there resource conflicts between machines/systems/projects, and if this is the case how can they be resolved? 4. Does LIU need to provide priorities?
864/1-D02 - BE Auditorium Prevessin
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