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More in depth look at the GUI layer


Local: Pablo, Ivan, Stefan, Eddie, Lionel, Julia, Luca, Andrea, Alberto, Maarten,

Remote: Alessandra, David, Pepe,
Apologies: Marian, Pedro


Pablo: Goal is to discuss the current web interface and see if we can come up with simplifications

Ivan Presentation:


Maarten: can we introduce new metric statuses if needed (e.g. sth between warning/ok)?
Pablo: yes we could if needed.
Andrea: for CMS we collapsed 6 VO states into these 4 and was possible.
Alberto: are those states consistent with the agile monitoring?
Pablo: I will check


Maarten: SSB status page, we should avoid "white spots" and put the actual information there.
Alberto: e.g. N/A Pablo: what are the views on this from ATLAS/CMS?
Alessandra: shifters have an issue with those grey (?) boxes, it's confusing.
Pablo: point taken

Discussion / Live presentation


Alberto: are all views addressable by individual URLs
Pablo: yes,

Julia: Do we need to maintain the SUM interface or could we move to the SSB interface.
Andrea: The SSB seems to map well the SUM functionality but significant cosmetic improvements are needed. Probably it's more worth investing in improving the SSB to better reproduce SUM than keeping SUM, but as a user my only concern is that functionality and the useability are preserved, whatever the implementation.
Pablo: If we need to keep SUM at least we have consolidated the databases before.


Maarten: visualisation framework for SAM and SSB are different?
Julia/Pablo: yes, this is better manageable for the future. concept is that we can combine views in a more flexible way.


Pablo: before going presenting it on a wider audience we need to shape it a bit.


Stefan: Will we have an equivalent of the SUM historical view, drilling down from sites -> services -> probes -> results Pablo: currently not implemented but will be done

Andrea: how to provide feedback
Pablo: good point, currently we are moving away from savannah, but we should keep savannah for some time.


Alberto: what technologies are used under the hood
Ivan: jquery , and datatables e..g would work also on mobile devices. for plots uses "raphael".


Alberto: can we have a fixed font size on plots pages?


Stefan: Can we also select "groups of sites" as defined in the topology
Pablo: not in the prototype yet but e.g. available in the CMS dashboard and will be done.


Pablo: - ask to VOs to play with this interface and to provide feedback

- next meeting in 2 weeks, Fr 25th, plan is to go through a report on the first phase of the consolidation meeting. Maarten, Stefan - we'll not be there.

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    • 2:00 PM 2:30 PM
      SSB UI 30m
      Speaker: Ivan Antoniev Dzhunov (CERN)
    • 2:30 PM 2:55 PM
      DIscussion 25m
    • 2:55 PM 3:00 PM
      Next meeting 5m