513/R-068 (CERN)



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More in depth look at the information deployment layer
Andrea, David, Eddie, Julia, Lionel, Maarten, Mike, Pablo

Apologies: Pedro, Marian

Minutes taken by Maarten


- Ruby templates (e.g. for DAO config) can be hard to debug.

- DAO config mentions PNG file name because it is specific to the VO.

- Maarten: automatic Puppet runs are risky, may break a working service!

  Pablo: updates should be tested on the QA cluster before being committed
         to the production branch all in one go.
     Still, point taken, to be followed up.

- A lot of NCG functionality did not need to get copied into Puppet.

- For Nagios boxes more Puppet functionality might still be explored,
  while other services (e.g. Dashboard) look OK already.

- Pablo: slide 18 ready for testing?  Mike: yes.

- Mike: some "global" parameters on slide 22 still missing in Puppet,
  e.g. the proxy location.  Pablo: some parameters will not be needed.

- Mike: sites can also use the Nagios config script, as it is standalone.

- Mike: the script may best be kept written in Ruby, so that one can take
  advantage of Ruby templates e.g. for the WLCG config.

- Andrea: what strong points does Ruby have?  David: Ruby on Rails web
  application framework, templates, many things have sensible defaults, ...

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      From Quattor to Agile Infrastructure Deployment 20m
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