Collider Cross Talk

Monojet searches: ATLAS results and interpretations in MSSM

by Alexandre Arbey (Lyon U.), Johanna Gramling (Universite de Geneve (CH))

4-2-011 - TH common room (CERN)

4-2-011 - TH common room


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Analysing Monojet-Events allows to set limits on the production of undetectable particles at the LHC. These bounds can be interpreted within an effective field theory approach in order to constrain dark matter pair production independent of a specific UV completion. The results can be then also compared to limits on dark-matter-nucleon cross-section or on the dark matter annihilation cross-section. This talk will introduce the analysis strategy followed by ATLAS as well as the resulting experimental limits from 10 fb-1 of LHC pp data at 8 TeV. In a second part, the reinterpretation of the Monojet search results beyond the effective theory approach will be presented in the context of the phenomenological MSSM.
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