116th LHCC Meeting - Agenda OPEN Session

chaired by Eckhard Elsen (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE))
from to (Europe/Zurich)
at CERN ( 500-1-001 - Main Auditorium )
Description CERN-LHCC-2013-025/A-116

Live Webcast - All CERN staff and Users are welcome to attend Open Session.
CLOSED Session meeting will take place in Georges Charpak Room F, 60-6-002 on Wednesday, 14h00 and Thursday 9h00
Webcast Please note that this event will be available live via the Webcast Service.
Support Email: csc@cern.ch
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  • Wednesday, 4 December 2013
    • 09:00 - 14:10 OPEN Session
      Convener: Eckhard Elsen
      • 09:00 LHC Machine Status Report 20'
        Speaker: Frederick Bordry (CERN)
        Material: Slides powerpoint file pdf file
      • 09:30 LHCb Status Report 30'
        Speaker: Marco Adinolfi (University of Bristol (GB))
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 10:10 ALICE Status Report 30'
        Speaker: Constantinos Loizides (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (US))
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 10:50 COFFEE BREAK 20'
      • 11:10 ATLAS Status Report 30'
        Speaker: Luca Fiorini (Universidad de Valencia (ES))
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 11:50 CMS Status Report 30'
        Speaker: Yurii Maravin (Kansas State University (US))
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 12:30 TOTEM Status Report 20'
        Speaker: Emilio Radicioni (Universita e INFN (IT))
        Material: Slides pdf file
      • 13:00 LUNCH BREAK 40'
        Speakers are invited to a Buffet lunch on the 6th floor - Georges Charpak Room F