March 27, 2014
Europe/Zurich timezone
There is a live webcast for this event.

Welcome to CERN to take part in one of the Swiss regional FameLab events 2014!

The FameLab competition started in 2005 from an original idea at the Cheltenham Science Festival. Its purpose is to nurture the communication of science by identifying and training talented young people working in science.

Through an innovative format, FameLab encourages scientists to inspire and excite the public with a vision of 21st century science. It supports these young scientists in developing ideas and presentation skills for broadcast and general audiences.

The goal is to give an entertaining and original 3-minute talk that is scientifically accurate and engaging. 

The Jury of the Geneva regional event is composed by the following members;

- Claude Nicollier - ESA and Swiss astronaut, Swiss Space Center, Solar Impulse EPFL Project
- Yasemin Koc - British Council
- Luis Alvarez-Gaume - CERN Theorist
- Emma Sanders - CERN Science Communicator, author of the LHC pop-up book
- Christophe Ungar - Science journalist at Radio Télévision Suisse

At CERN, the 3-minute talk can be given in French or English. However, the MasterClass, the Swiss final and the International Final are in English only. 

Registration is closed but you can still join us at the live event in the Globe of Science and Innovation (book your seat here), on social media or watch the webcast on Thursday 27 March 2014.

More information on the Swiss National organisation can be found at 

The Globe of Science
This event is open to the general public. More information on how to register will follow in due time.