4 February 2014
Europe/Zurich timezone
The first Indico virtual event will take place on February 4th 15:00 and will focus on two main topics
  • The release of Indico v1.2
  • The migration of the OO Indico backend database (ZODB) to a more standard DBMS
It will be fully virtual using the CERN Vidyo service and will foster discussions between developers and administrators of Indico servers worldwide.

Connections to the virtual room will be open, but attendees are encouraged to register to the event, in order to be informed of any changes in the organisation if any.

If you would like to add a topic of discussion or propose yourself a contribution, please let us know at indico-team@cern.ch.

Connection to Vidyo
  • Vidyo connection details are available here
  • CERN Vidyo service documentation can be found here
  • First-time users are encouraged to try the service before connecting to the real event

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