Annual Concurrency Forum Meeting

31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre (CERN)

31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre


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Andrzej Nowak (CERN), Benedikt Hegner (CERN), Jim Kowalkowski (Fermilab), John Apostolakis (CERN), Philippe Canal (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US))
This is the third Annual Concurrency Forum meeting of a series on meetings held at Fermilab in 2011 and 2013 to explore the possibility that interested High Energy Physics (HEP) institutions and projects collaborate on concurrent frameworks and applications R&D. The main goal of the Concurrency Forum is to communicate and exchange information and results.

The goals for the April 2014 annual meeting are the following:
  • Discuss progress made with each demonstrator, drawing conclusions for those that have completed their work programme and identifying topics that still need to be investigated.
  • Experiments/proejcts could report on its current views on parallelism issues, such as choice of concurrency model and software technologies. This will be an opportunity for us all to discuss and see if we can converge on a common overall strategy.
  • Possibility of launching development projects with specific deliverables that can be of benefit to the whole community.  
Video Conferencing will be available through Vidyo:
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  • Alberto Di Meglio
  • Alessio Gianelle
  • Alexander Kiselev
  • Andrea Bocci
  • Andrea Valassi
  • Andreas Pfeiffer
  • Andrzej Nowak
  • Anna Lupato
  • Benedikt Hegner
  • Benjamin Michael Wynne
  • Charles Leggett
  • Chiara Zampolli
  • Christopher Jones
  • Daniel Funke
  • David Chamont
  • David Smith
  • Felice Pantaleo
  • Fons Rademakers
  • Frank-Dieter Gaede
  • Gang Chen
  • Gerardo Ganis
  • Graeme Andrew Stewart
  • Guilherme Lima
  • Hans von der Schmitt
  • John Harvey
  • Jovan Mitrevski
  • Lorenzo Moneta
  • Lorenzo Sestini
  • Marilena Bandieramonte
  • Milos Lokajicek
  • Mohammad Al-Turany
  • Oksana Shadura
  • Pawel Szostek
  • Pere Mato Vila
  • Philippe Canal
  • Philippe Charpentier
  • Reda Tafirout
  • Rene Brun
  • Renelle Guichard
  • Rogerio Iope
  • Rolf Seuster
  • Sami Kama
  • Sandro Wenzel
  • Sebastian Fleischmann
  • Sebastien Binet
  • Sergio Novaes
  • Soon Yung Jun
  • Stefano Gallorini
  • Sverre Jarp
  • Thomas Hauth